Terms and Conditions of Hire

TERMS AND CONDITIONS of HIRE between the Owner (RG Rentals) and the Renter (You)



1.1 These Terms and Conditions shall be incorporated into and govern this Agreement made between the Owner and the Renter whose names and addresses are set out overleaf to the exclusion of all or any other terms and conditions.
1.2 Words and expressions defined overleaf shall where applicable have the same meanings when used herein. In addition the term “Vehicle” when used herein shall (if applicable) be deemed to include any replacement vehicle and all tyres, tools, accessories, parts and equipment relating to Vehicle.

1.3 Where the person signing this Agreement on behalf of Renter is not Renter, he or she represents and warrants to Owner that he or she is authorised to sign and to enter into this Agreement for and on behalf of Renter and all agreements and obligations on the part of Renter hereunder shall be deemed to be made by such person jointly and severally with Renter.


2.1 Owner agrees to let and Renter agrees to take on hire Vehicle upon and subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
2.2 The period of hire shall commence on the Time and Date Out specified overleaf and shall continue (subject to earlier termination by either party or any extension in accordance with this Agreement) until the Time and Date Due Back specified overleaf.
2.3 The period of hire may not be extended without Owner’s prior written consent.


3.1 Renter will not use Vehicle or allow Vehicle to be used for any purpose for which it is neither designed, suitable nor hired including (without limitation) the carriage of passengers and/or property for hire or reward; any unlawful, hazardous or unusual purpose; propelling or towing any other vehicle or trailer or for any similar purpose without Owner’s prior written consent; racing, rallying, pace-making, reliability, speed testing or other trials, competitions of any sort or driving tuition; carrying a number of passengers and/or property which would cause Vehicle to be overloaded or would cause any applicable restriction to be exceeded; the use of Vehicle on any surface other than roads with a tarmacadam or concrete surface over which there is a right of way (public or private) for motor vehicles.

3.2 Renter will not allow Vehicle to be driven by any person who has not been approved in writing by the Owner.
3.3 Renter will not take or allow Vehicle to be taken outside the United Kingdom without Owner’s prior written consent. As a pre-condition of any consent Renter must produce to Owner evidence satisfactory to Owner of adequate insurance arrangements for taking Vehicle abroad including (without limitation) an International Motor Insurance Card (“Green Card”) and/or Bailbond (as the case may be).
3.4 Renter will not use any vehicle with a gross vehicle weight over 3.5 tonnes without a full valid and current Operators license where the vehicle is being used for business use.


4.1 Renter will pay to Owner prior to commencement of the period of hire the sum of £250.00, such sum to be refunded by the Owner to the Renter upon satisfactory inspection of the Vehicle at the end of the Period of Hire in accordance with below clauses. Any damage found during such inspection will be repaired at the Owners absolute discretion from the retained deposit payment. The Owner retains the right (in their absolute discretion) to demand further reasonable Payment from the Renter should repair costs exceed the initial deposited sum and the Renter agrees to pay such reasonable sum on such demand.

4.2 Renter will pay to Owner on demand:
(a) the Total Deposited as specified overleaf together with any further deposits requested by Owner on or before the commencement of any extension of the period of hire, which Owner may apply at any time towards payment of any sums due from Renter hereunder;
(b) the rental and mileage charges computed at the rate specified overleaf for the mileage covered or deemed to have been covered by Vehicle from the commencement of the period of hire until Vehicle is returned to Owner in accordance with the terms of this Agreement as recorded by the odometer installed in Vehicle when received provided that if Owner decides in its absolute discretion that the odometer has failed or malfunctioned or has been interfered with in any way the mileage charge shall be estimated by Owner in its absolute discretion;
(c) the amounts (if any) specified overleaf for Time charges, Collision Damage Waiver, Theft Protection, and the miscellaneous other charges (if any) specified overleaf;
(d) all fines, penalties, costs, charges and liabilities relating to parking, road traffic or other offences or contraventions or restoration charges and loss of income if the vehicle is seized by Customs and Excise incurred in relation to Vehicle by Renter or Owner (except where caused through fault of Owner) from the commencement of this Agreement until Vehicle is returned to Owner in accordance with the terms of this Agreement by the nominated payment method stated overleaf regardless of the time lapsed between offence and notification of offence to Owner, and Renter will allow Owner to process electronic CNP transactions for these amounts plus a reasonable administration fee not less than £30.00;
(e) Owner’s costs or repairing or replacing Vehicle in the event of loss, theft or damage howsoever caused, plus loss of revenue to Owner (calculated at Owner’s unlimited mileage charges for the period during which Vehicle shall remain unavailable for rental by reason of such matters) provided that if Vehicle is operated in accordance with all the terms of this Agreement;
(f) the cost of refuelling Vehicle if returned to Owner with less fuel than was contained in Vehicle’s fuel tank at the commencement of the period of hire together with

Owner’s current tariff for refuelling service charges;

Owner’s current tariff for refuelling service charges;
(g) Owner’s cost incurred in recovering Vehicle in the event Renter fails to return it to Owner in accordance with the terms of this Agreement;
(h) any value added tax or local or other taxes payable in respect of any of the above;
(i) Renter’s Liability in respect of damage to or Theft of Vehicle will be limited to a non-waivable excess charge in accordance with Owner’s current tariff as specified overleaf, except where the damage or theft has been caused by the negligence of the Renter.
4.3 All overdue payments shall bear interest on the amount overdue at the rate prevailing laid down by the Government from the date such sums become due to the date of actual payment. Owner reserves the right to charge administration fees.


Renter shall at all times during the term of this Agreement:
(a) take proper care of Vehicle and ensure Vehicle is used in a lawful and reasonable manner in all respects and in particular (without limitation) will keep Vehicle locked when not in use and shall ensure that ignition keys and/or security arming devices are not left in the vehicle when unattended.
(b) return Vehicle to Owner in the same condition as when received as evidenced by Renter’s signature on Owner’s “Check-in-slip” relating to Vehicle (fair wear and tear only excepted) to Owner’s address specified overleaf immediately upon demand by Owner (such demand not to be made without reasonable cause) subject to a refund to Renter of any sums already paid by Renter in excess of those due under the terms of this Agreement;
(c) immediately report any accident, loss or damage involving Vehicle to Owner and the police or other proper authority and at Owner’s request complete Owner’s accident report form without delay;
(d) immediately report any breakdown, fault or defect, reasonably requiring repair to Owner and will not, in the case of a defect or fault which makes Vehicle
(e)Renter shall not have an age over 70 years old.

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