At Rochford’s Garages we know that confidence that your car is in a roadworthy and more importantly, safe condition is very important to you. 


We ensure that all of our staff are trained to service and inspect your vehicle to the highest level. Regular servicing means better fuel economy, safety, and reduced risk of costly repairs in the longer term. 


It is worthy of note that contrary to popular belief, having your car serviced with us will NOT void or affect your manufacturer’s warranty in any way. The law allows you to choose where your vehicle is serviced and as long as the service is carried out to the same specifications and recommendations of the manufacturer your warranty will still be valid. At Rochford’s Garages we only use quality parts and lubricants.


For full or intermediate service prices for all makes and models or for service prices for cars with larger engine sizes please telephone us on: (0191) 373 4363 or email for more information.


We also re-charge Air Conditioning. Contact us to book this service.