Our recovery fleet allows us to recover a wide range of vehicles and group sizes.

  • Renault Midlum Fully Demountable

This Vehicle is a fully demountable slide bed. Your vehicle is driven (or towed) directly onto the platform and raised to transport height therefore avoiding any potential problems with low skirts etc.

This recovery vehicle provides us the invaluable capability to recover the lowest of vehicles, sports cars and modified vehicles eg. Porsche, Lambourghini etc, as well as large vans and motorcycles.


This vehicle also has capacity to carry up to 5 passengers.

  • Isuzu Crew Cab Slidebed

This vehicle can move most cars, vans,  4×4`s and motorcycles and has capacity to move six people.

  • Renault Mascot Crew Cab Slidebed

The Renault Mascot Crew Cab Slidebed is used for transporting most cars, vans, 4×4 and motorcycles along with up to six passengers

  • Renault Midlum with Commercial Underlift

The Renault Midlum with commercial Underlift is capable of recovering light commercials up to 6.5ton, large vans, 4×4`s, cars and motorcycles.


Our vehicles are available for vehicle transport (including vintage, executive or performance vehicles). Please contact us for further details and pricing.


Recovery Times

365 Days per year | 24 hours